About Nyankent

Welcome to nyankent.com, the personal blog of Kent Sutjipto, digitally known as, well... nyankent.


So if you're reading this page, there is a huge chance that you don't know me all that well, so an introduction is (probably?) necessary.


Uh... hi, my name is Kent. I am a lot of things. By day, I am a digital marketing consultant and by night, I play Dota. Sometimes when my internet is down, I write and publish articles on this blog. Mostly science articles, written to make it more fun.


I have a lot of weird habits. I subconsciously bite my nails a lot. I also judge people by their grammar and punctuation. (I'm looking at you, people who write "di jual" or "di sewa kan.") 


Other than a digital marketing consultant and an avid Dota player, I also am a novelist. I am currently writing another novel trying to summon enough will to write another novel.


I guess that's it about me. I should probably a picture or two in order to increase this page's SEO rank. However, I really don't have a good picture of me so enjoy these cute pictures of cats instead.